Angelo Farina graduated in Civil Engineering in 1982 at the University of Bologna, where he also obtained the PhD in Technical Physics in 1987 (I° Cycle). He is University Researcher for the disciplinary group “Technical Physics”, since 11/1/1986, Associate Professor in Environmental Technical Physics (ING-IND/11) since 11/1/1998 and Extraordinary Professor in Environmental Technical Physics (ING- IND/11) from 1/5/2005. From 1/5/2008 he is prof. Professor of Environmental Technical Physics. He has conducted extensive and in-depth research in almost all fields of acoustics, particularly with digital signal processing techniques and numerical prediction models. In particular, since the early 90s he has been among the pioneers of the use of the MLS (Maximum Length Sequence) technique for measurements in the acoustic and vibrational fields, and has developed his own, original method for simulating sound propagation in halls and at open, based on pyramid tracing (Pyramic Tracing); this algorithm has been implemented in the Ramsete commercial program, of which prof. Farina is co-author ( ). Later he developed innovative acoustic measurement techniques, in particular for the in situ evaluation of the acoustic properties of materials, for the three-dimensional characterization of the sound field and for the measurement of the transfer function of non-linear and non-time invariant systems. These new methods have resulted in the development of a series of “plugins” for processing sound signals, known under the name Aurora ( In the last 3 years he has dedicated himself in particular to measuring the impulse response of theaters using array microphones, and to the three-dimensional reproduction of the sound field in special listening rooms, making use of advanced signal processing techniques, made possible by efficient real-time multichannel convolution algorithms. He is the author of over 300 scientific publications, of which about 3/4 in English, presented at important international conferences or in international journals. The complete list can be consulted on the Internet at:

In 2008 he was awarded the prestigious “AES fellowship award” by the Audio Engineering Society.

Daniel Pinardi received the M.S. degree (cum laude) in mechanical engineering from the University of Parma, Italy, in July 2016, with a thesis on loudspeaker modeling, and the Ph.D. degree in industrial engineering from the University of Parma, in March 2020, with a thesis on the design of microphone, hydrophone, and camera arrays for spatial audio recording.

He is a Research Assistant of Prof. Angelo Farina at University of Parma since 2016, mainly specialized in spatial audio, design of transducer arrays, acoustics simulations and 3D auralization, applied to automotive field, and underwater acoustics.