I3DA 2023 International Conference



February 2023

Immersive environments in humanities research

February 1, 2023|


Recent audio technologies facilitate simulation of the acoustical signatures of historic structures. Together with immersive visual technologies it is possible to provide new perspectives and deeper insights into the role of architecture on human behavior. This panel will discuss […]

January 2023

Acoustic characterisation of materials and systems

January 22, 2023|

SPECIAL SESSION 7: “Acoustic characterisation of materials and systems” – Edoardo Piana

A wide range of sound-absorbing and sound-insulating elements are currently available on the market. They are generally used to adjust the acoustic features of a room, thanks to the progress made […]

Digital Approaches to Hearing the Past

January 5, 2023|

SPECIAL SESSION 3: Digital Approaches to Hearing the Past ” – Angela Bellia

The application of digital technologies to cultural heritage has led to important methodological changes in the protection and enhancement of reconstruction monuments, ancient theatres, and performative spaces of […]

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