I3DA 2023 International Conference



February 2023

3D Audio for automative industries

February 7, 2023|

Announcing SPECIAL SESSION 7:  3D Audio for Automotive Industries – Angelo Farina & Daniel Pinardi

Angelo Farina graduated in Civil Engineering in 1982 at the University of Bologna, where he also obtained the PhD […]

January 2023

Auralization Experiences in Historical and Architectural Places

January 26, 2023|

This session regards applied research on new technologies, modelling, signal processing and audio reproduction, virtual soundscape experiences. It aims to collect and discuss projects and […]

Spatialisation, Binaural Reproduction and Personalisation of Audio in Virtual, Augmented Reality

January 9, 2023|

Announcing SPECIAL SESSION 6 – Athanasios G. Malamos

Recent technological developments are having a fundamental impact on the field Human-Computer Interaction. Technologies such as holography, head-mounted displays, full-dome immersive video projection, kinesthetic communication (haptic technology), transparent monitors, and three-dimensional (3D) sound and electronic […]

Immersive environments in humanities research

January 8, 2023|

Announcing SPECIAL SESSION 5 – Jonathan Berger & Cobi van Tonder

Recent audio technologies facilitate simulation of the acoustical signatures of historic structures. Together with immersive visual technologies it is possible to provide new perspectives and deeper insights into the role of architecture […]

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